Natural health refers to lifestyle adopted where you will try and exclude most chemicals and synthetic products from your diet. You would replace most processed foods that are now more and more utilised to produce that are less processed. An example would be cereals like cornflakes, which have no or very little nutritional value with organic cereals based on porridge and wholesome muesli with lots of seeds, fruit and nuts with no added sugar.

The belief is that by adding natural foods and supplementing with natural health supplements one will not only prevent illness but optimise health. In addition, majority of allopathic medicine is known to have many side effects hence, most people are looking for alternative remedies.

The research on alternative health remedies is also escalating and science is proving that some popular herbal remedies work well and also don’t carry the negative side effects of pharmaceutical medicine. This is further increasing consumer confidence and as a result the natural health supplement industry is now becoming very popular. It is also now also filtering in to the mainstream retail, such as supermarkets, chain pharmacies as well as some independents.

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